Mine’s A Face For Radio

My appearance at Canalside Radio went well, I think (if anyone listened you’ll be able to tell me better…). 
So, while I fiigure out how to upload the recording of the show, here’s a picture, taken once we’d come off air, of me and the presenter, the lovely Liz Stringer (I’m the one with the beard).

0 Comments on “Mine’s A Face For Radio

  1.  by  Jenn

    You look so relaxed! Like you were born to it!Get the file uploaded so we can all have a listen!J

  2.  by  Paul Brazill

    I once had a ‘slot’ on a show on LBC-‘Benefits with Brazill’- sounds sexy,eh? Anyway, the first show went well and very quickly, in my mind, i was Frasier Crane. Two weeks later on my way to the programme in a taxi I realised that the clocks had gone back and i was an hour late for the show. Like a true professional I stopped the taxi, paid, and went to the nearest pub.

  3.  by  Tania Hershman

    Get the file uploaded! I managed to miss it (insomniac night, all went a bit screwy), so sorry, I really want to listen. Come on….

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