Me, talking to Vanessa

Vanessa Gebbie, as well as being a wonderful writer and teacher of writing and competition winner and judge, is a friend. She also said nice things about my book. When I asked her if she’d endorse it she said this:

‘Nik Perring’s many gifts as a writer include a rich imagination and a quirky sense of humour married to great tenderness. In ‘Not So Perfect’ he uses these skills to great effect as he explores those fractured moments at which we are most vulnerable. This marvellous collection resonates with a surreal impishness, exploring with a wry smile the often unfathomable complexities that underpin our relationships. He offers no answers, but demands that we look again. And again. In so doing he greatly enriches those who read him.’

which is high praise indeed.

So, today I’m over at her blog being asked, among other things, about the book, teaching writing and other people’s stories.

Read it here. 

6 Comments on “Me, talking to Vanessa

  1.  by  annie clarkson

    Ha, I love how enthusiastic all your interviews sound, it's lovelyI have a request… which you can totally ignore if you wish. It would be great for people like me, if you had links in your sidebar to all your reviews and interviews, so we can peruse them at our leisure… any chance maybe?

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    Thanks Annie. And good idea. I was thinking of doing something like that actually, so wait and see…

  3.  by  Minnie

    Now that's an endorsement worth having: and every word written with sincerity. Congrats!

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