Me, Caroline and a Scarecrow

I’m over at my mate’s today. Over at Caroline Smailes’ fabulous blog, where I talk to her about my book in a different way. She’s asked me questions based on something taken from each of the stories in Not So Perfect. It was a lot of fun. So if you want to see what I had to say about kissing, scarecrows, cooking, pets and Mr Men, then you really should click here. (She’s also put up a (bad!) sketch I did of my (everyone’s, surely!) favourite scarecrow. AND there’s the chance to win a copy of Not So Perfect.


And last night Tania Hershman told me something about my amazon ranking, which has got me checking it slightly more than I should. At the moment I‘m #9 in the short story best-sellers list. A HUGE thank you to all who’ve bought. No need to stop now, of course…!


And you should all go here too. It’s my good friend’s brand new blog. Carol-Ann will be taking the pictures at tonight’s launch. She’s @carolannc on twitter. Go see!

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  1.  by  India Drummond

    Will go check out the links. Thought it was funny about the compulsive rank-checking! Amazon ranks are the new webstats!

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