Magic at the Library

I have had the best, if not tiring, two weeks. It’s been libraries week and, as such, I’ve been in libraries pretty much solidly for a fortnight running workshops for young writers, from seven years old up to an almost fully grown wizard. We have been writing about magic. Poems, stories, you name it. Wands, witches, wizards, mythical creatures, broomsticks, spells, funny hats. Familiars and mages, making ourselves invisible and pretending to be ghosts to scare brothers and sisters. Tricksters and sending Donald Trump into space (this happened more than once). We did everything and it was so much fun.

And why magic, you ask. Because, to celebrate 20 years of Harry Potter (I remember being given a copy of The Philosopher’s Stone when that was the only Harry Potter book out there – thank you, Claire) there is a HISTORY OF MAGIC exhibition at Sheffield Central Library. Yes, you really should probably go.

I met some amazing young writers for the first time – and it’s always lovely seeing others I’ve worked with before (hello, to you all). And it’s lovely when every single writer I worked with was brilliant. And librarians. You cannot not love a librarian – they’re the keepers of whole worlds – they are as magic as any spell – and they don’t even need wands. And they’re brilliant, friendly, helpful people who love books and stories – the very best kind.

And here are some magically brilliant pics (thank you EVERYONE)…



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