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As I seem to be saying over and over and over again recently, I have been busy. And I really have. I know ‘busy’ is a kind of a default setting for me, and has been over the past ten years, but I think this is probably about the busiest I’ve been in as long as I can remember. At times I certainly feel as knackered as I did after the tour to promote my first book back in 2006.


And talking of books…

I was very pleased to hear the other day that my brand new story ‘Love’ will be appearing in this year’s National Flash Fiction Day anthology, Landmarks. I’m just really pleased to have something brand new out there – with everything else I’ve been doing I’ve not really been sending stuff anywhere. I’ve read it at a couple of events earlier this year, and it’s gone down really well, and it’s a story I’m really proud of so I’m getting all excited that people will be reading it. (And I’m in some lovely company too – here’s the list of everyone else who’s in there). (There’s a story of mine in last year’s too, which is available here.)

And Not So Perfect turned five while I blinked earlier in the month. I blinked and I missed it and I’m struggling to believe that it was over five years ago when I launched it, on a sweltering day in Simply Books, where the strawberry tarts I’d brought pretty much melted in their boxes. To celebrate (kind of) Not So Perfecthere’s me reading Kiss from that collection. (There are other videos of me reading, if you’d like to watch them, here). I think what’s the most astonishing (and certainly reassuring (ego-boosting?) is that, over five years on, people are still buying it and enjoying it – and they’re still letting me know. A huge thanks to every one of you who’s bought anything of mine. or who’s helped, reviewed – anything! –over these past few years. It means the world.


So yes. There has been busyness. Lots of busyness. Lots and lots of trains and travelling and teaching and workshops and editing for people. On Tuesday I took the last of my latest bunch of junior writers’ sessions which is always a sad thing (they’ve been a lovely bunch again) so next I’ll be arranging making the stories they’ve written and illustrated into books. And then there’ll be a reading. Most importantly one of the mums very kindly bought us lollies.lolly


But I’ve not only been working (like a dog). No, no.

I went to a gallery and saw hummingbirds wrapped in newspaper. (I love hummingbirds probably as much as lemurs so this, while exciting in a Victorian sort of way, was a bit sad).


I went for walks at night and took pictures of things that the street lamp pointed to


I posed by a car and pretended I could be one of those badass/heart-throb dudes from 80s cop shows


At some point I found the time to sit and drink this


I very definitely didn’t find God (although they did sing very nicely) (Also note that God is at hand and there’s a lottery hand by them – so that’s what it looks like…)



Someone I didn’t actually know pointed out to me that I, and one of my writing groups, was in this (thanks Vicki and Bollington Live – it looks great)


And I managed to find an hour to sit in a city library before I taught there and write.


So there you go. That’s me. More soon…



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