Long List! And a Bit of a Catch-Up

A few things today.

First, and most importantly – I have spent a good amount of time over the past couple of days with the entries for my 150 Words Competition. It’s taken me a little longer to get through them than I’d expected, quite simply, because there were loads more entries than I’d expected to get – and the standard of them was hugely pleasing. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write something for it – even if you haven’t won you’ve definitely given me good stuff to read.  I’ll be announcing the runners-up and the winner very soon (who should also expect an email over he next day or so), but for now HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who’s made the long list. Which is as follows …

Cobnuts – Sherri Turner

Jack Beamed – Helem Somers

Peeled – Liz Hedgecock

Quercus Robur – Simon Nicholls

Williwaw Shores – Saxon Pepperdine

If a Tree Falls – Hannah Coyle

Cherie – P.N. Warnes

Tree Love – Olivia Templeton

Levelled – Karen Ashe

Profligate – Melissa Fu

Barcodes – Rachel J Fenton

Hurricane Ivy Was Passing Through – Suzie Burnett

1,ooo Leaves – Rosie Lewis

Maple and Basil – Downith Monaghan


In other news (and I know this is very late) – a couple of weeks ago I was handing out the books to the younger writers I’d been working with at Ecclesall Library. It was, as these things tend to be, a hugely enjoyable few days and we really did produce some excellent work. And student journalist Jack Denisov was good enough to come along – here’s his write-up over at the Southwest Report. Enormous thanks to him for that, and to all at The Library Service and the fab library’s staff.





Last, for now, is just a wee reminder that you still have a couple of days to be in with a chance to win a signed copy of Beautiful Trees over at the super-brilliant (and I really mean that) Bookmonster’s place.


Ally Portrait Web



And you can still get all three of my books published by RoastBooks for £20 here. That’s 1/3 off a perfect present/presents if you ask me.


That’s definitely enough for now (not least because Im’ trying to back things up and everything’s running at half speed). More soon.


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