Literary Equation

Back from the hospital and I can tell you all that my foot isn’t broken. We kinda knew that already, but I’ll take any positives I can.

So, this equation then…

lots of work + bad foot (reduced frequency of bending/picking things up) = something that resembles a literary bombsite.

Here’s the evidence (and it is getting on my nerves):

3 Comments on “Literary Equation

  1.  by  lorrie porter

    Hi Nik, glad there’s no broken bones – not a great experience to go through as I’m finding out from hubby. Hope you’re well soon.

  2.  by  Sarah Hilary

    Aw, sorry you’re feeling so low, Nik. I’m in the same place, grumpy-wise, plus I have a bad foot (just the one), so I can sympathise. It’s good there are no bones broken and that you’re able to work on the anthology. Hope things turn a corner for you soon. xx

  3.  by  Nik's Blog

    Howdy Lorrie – is he still suffering? Not good. Give him my best. Sorry to hear you’re a bit grumpy too, Sarah; hope the mood lifts soon, and really sorry to hear you’ve got a bad foot. Hope you’ve not caught it from me!N

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