Library Day + Digital Readman

I’m back at the desk now after spending a big chunk of yesterday in the library. I got there at half three and left just after seven. And it was fun.

First the young writers I’d been working with for eight weeks since January got the books they’ve written. I’ve said before that they looked brilliant and they really, really did. The writers thought so which was the main thing. And then they read from them and the audience was, without question, captivated – and impressed too. I loved seeing it, mostly because the stories are so good, but also because I’ve seen how hard they’ve worked on them over those eight weeks. (Again, huge thanks to the mums and dads who came along to listen too.) And there’s probably a big dollop of pride in there too.

Then we started all over again. I met the next group I’ll be working with over the next couple of months and, again, I loved it. Looks like I’ve got another great group and that there’s plenty of good stuff to look forward to.

And then, after that, I taught my adult group and that was great too – lots of good and interesting stories going on there as well.


In other news… the very lovely and ridiculously talented Angela Readman goes digital today (click here to see how).

As well as being a friend, Angela’s also one of my absolute favourite writers – I said this about her latest book a little while ago when her publisher asked for a quote, and I meant every word of it:

“Angela Readman’s stories are gems. Rainbow coloured ones that probably glow in the dark and sing too. They are perfect, fizzing explosions of stories, told by a perfect storyteller. You will love them.”


And here are some picture of the Juniors’ event. Apologies for the quality – the sunshine was gushing into the library while we did our thing.



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4 Comments on “Library Day + Digital Readman

  1.  by  Kathryn

    Don’t suppose you know of any similar groups for young ones in the Sheffield/Chesterfield area do you?

    •  by  nikperring

      Drop me an email and let me know what age. I’m running some in Sheff and Rotherham… also, if that’s where you are, we should meet for tea and cake!

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