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I’ve just got home from the last of six workshops I’ve been running as a project at the brilliant Darnall library. It’s half past eight and I am tired and I’m hungry, have been a little bit ill, and I think it’s about time I blogged (or at least started one). It’s been a while and not because there’s been nothing happening, but because so much has been happening I’ve barely had time to stop.



On Monday I was back at Media City, at the BBC – it’s always a lovely thing to be invited back somewhere, and it’s especially nice to see what amazing things the people there are doing. And, for me, it’s even cooler seeing that I had a hand it that.


Before that I was in Bradford for the launch of Appleton Academy’s anthology which is the result of the really wonderful work that Nick Toczek has done there under the banner of First Story. A big mention must go to librarian Gill and Miss Boyle who are both very wonderful too.


Here’s one of the stories. I absolutely love it (I’ve loved them all). It’s one that started life in Huddersfield in January and I was thrilled to see it in there (as well as a few others).


And, while I’m talking about First Story, I’ve been doing some work for them too at Leeds West Academy (hello!) as writer in residence and I’ve enjoyed it an awful lot. Some really, really excellent writing has happened there and that makes me very happy.

And not just there because I’ve been writing too. And stuff I’m really happy with. More on that soon, I hope.

And last, for now – I received my contributor copy of A Box of Stars Beneath The Bed – this year’s National Flash Fiction Day anthology. And I’m looking forward to having a little time, soon, to read it.

IMG_9124Here’s the beginning of mine:


And I think that must be about it for now. There are lots of other things to talk about in due course but, right now, it’s almost nine o’clock and I’m even hungrier than I was when I started this.


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