It’s Grimm Up North

A very quick post today, because I’m desperately trying to catch up with everything I’ve missed through being ill. But there is something I really wanted to tell you about. So…

I was lucky to be at the brand new and very brilliant Grimm & Co in Rotherham on Tuesday (I was there for a meeting and got to go through the secret door and see behind the scenes and I was very impressed).

Grimm is a shop for mythical beings. You can buy talon clippers, a tin of disappointment, magic wands, giant belly button cleaners – anything that the average mythical being might need. But it’s also, a little like Dave Eggers’ pirate shop in San Fransisco (and the rest) a venue providing literacy goodness for young people.


Here are some snaps I took the other to give you an idea – the place is stunning. If you’re in the area DO check it out – it is spectacular. You won’t be disappointed.






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