It’s Good To be Got

Really, really thrilled with what Scott Pack had to say about Not So Perfect today.

I am an admirer of his. I very much like what he’s doing at The Friday Project (Harper Collins); he publishes my good friend and phenomenal talent, Caroline Smailes; his blog’s brilliant, and through said blog he’s introduced me to some utterly corking books, including Dear Everybody by Michael Kimball, The Littlest Hitler by Ryan Boudinot and Thirteen, by Sebastian Beaumont. And, like me, he’s a Sarah Salway fan.

Yes. He knows his onions. And seems to have similar tastes to me. So I was very much hoping he’d like my book.

And he did. Thank god.

As well as saying that Not So Perfect is ‘a bit special’, he said I was reminded of Rhodes and Hempel while reading these stories, which are easily their equal, as well as occasional glimpses of Murakami, but I mostly kept thinking back to Sarah Salway. Salway is probably the best short story writer in the UK at the moment and she had better watch out because Perring is (albeit very politely, I am sure) on her tail.‘ 

which is just thrilling. I’m a huge Amy Hempel fan and I love Sarah Salway’s work. And to be mentioned in the same sentence as Murakami (who I really, really need to read, don’t I?) and Dan Rhodes is a real honour. And wholly unexpected.

Thank you, Scott.

(Full review here.)


I’m also over at fellow short story writer and good friend, Tania Hershman’s blog today, playing word association (which was loads of fun) and answering a question, possibly quite grumpily. I am very happy to hear her cat’s on the mend. Fingers crossed that continues.


It’s also day 5 of RobAroundBooks’ Flash Clash. I’m against Etgar Keret’s Uterus today, among others.

That’s it for now, I think.

Oh, other than to say that Not So Perfect’s published tomorrow. Yikes.

4 Comments on “It’s Good To be Got

  1.  by  Kelly

    Well done – how ace is that! And yes get Norwegian Wood read…There isnt a better literary experience on the planet (in my opinion of course!)…

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    Thanks so much, Annie!Kelly – thank you! I've had Norwegian Wood (and After Dark) on my shelves for bloody ages and just haven't got to them. I will do. I will. Maybe as soon as I've finished Bees…

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