It Has Been a Long Week

A long week but, mostly, a good one. I ran four workshops in three days, two locally, two not so locally and I enjoyed them all very much. And I had a really wide range of ages, which keeps things interesting and fun. I taught children (7 to 11 years old), I taught young adults at college, and I taught retired people. And it was fun.

And speaking of children, here’s the display that the library have put up showing the work from last year’s junior writers.

juniordisplay1 Juniordisplay2


And this just popped into my google alerts. A nice mention and an excellent collection. Definitely worth a look. Go, see, folks.

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    •  by  nikperring

      Hi Jade – thanks for stopping by and for your question. If you’d like me to send over some details could you let me have your email address (you can send it via the form on this page: if you’d rather it remained private. Failing that, you can ask the staff at the library. We’ll be starting again next term and we’ve not yet set dates, but I do know that most of the places have already been snapped up so letting me, or the library, know where you’re up to reasonably quickly would be a good idea.

      Thanks again!


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