This is one for those who might be new to this blog, as well as a reminder to those hardened readers who’ve been around for years (hello, I love you all), but I have, over the five years I’ve been blogging, interviewed some rather brilliant people.

If you’d like to see who – there are ALL sorts, from short story masters (Aimee Bender, Mary Miller, Michael Czyzniejewski, A.C. Tillyer), to wonderful novelists (Michael Kimball, my wonderful co-author of Freaks!, Caroline Smailes; Kate Long, Jenn Ashworth, Jess Ruston) top children’s writers (Leila Rasheed), poets (Shaindel Beers) and even brilliant literary consultants (Gary from BubbleCow) to name but a few – CLICK HERE.

And there are more exciting ones in the pipeline too – watch this space (or subscribe, or pop me in your reader, etc etc). Until next time… enjoy!

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  1.  by  Miriam

    I shuddered when I saw the title to this post, but then I realised It wasn’t connected to the awful job interview I had yesterday. Not that the interviewers were nasty or frightening – far from it. The awfulness was all in my head. Yay for all your interviews, past and future!

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