Interviews and Biscuits

Yesterday the great Steve Murphy dropped by (with his glamorous assistant, Mark). Steve’s a great photographer and also the founder of the exciting new publication Downtown & Driftwood – a delightful mixture of short fictions, poems, and photography, whose last issue featured my short story Cupid and Me. Steve and I chatted for an interview, which was lovely, we ate biscuits and drank tea, which was also lovely, and Steve took a few pictures. It was fun. Of course, I’ll post the results once I have them.

And that capped off a pretty long and hectic week. There’s been much editing and writing work, as ever. On Monday I got on a train and taught. And on Tuesday I ran two further workshops locally. It’s fun, but I am definitely being kept busy.

And all that’s been amongst some not so great news. Nothing I’m really going to go into here (and don’t worry, I’m okay) but I do think it’s important to say that it’s at times like these that the good people make themselves known, and I’d like to say a massive thank you to those people who, very much should, know who they are.

Next week’s going to be similar to this so, really, I should go and prep. Ta ta.

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