In Conversation With Jaymay

I can’t tell you how excited I am about this post.

So, a bit of history. Jaymay has been one of my absolute (and I mean all time) favourite artists for a couple of years now. I can’t remember how I discovered her music, but I’m thrilled I did. She is brilliant.

When Caroline spoke to me about me contributing to her charity collection 100 RPM – stories inspired by music (more on that here) (click here for the US page) using one of Jaymay’s songs as a starting point for my story ‘Two Minutes’ (which I read here) was a pretty obvious choice. (I used Rock, Scissors, Paper, because I love it).

A couple of weeks ago, Jaymay was kind enough to have a chat with me. We spoke about writing and creating and being writers and hard work, and words, and loads of other cool and interesting stuff. She was brilliant and I was – Well, I was nervous if I’m honest.

And here it is. Our conversation. I hope you enjoy it. I know I certainly did. Just hit play…


Here’s Rock, Scissors, Paper, in all its glory (with added dancing).

And here’s Jaymay herself, showing you how to play it.

You can find more about Jaymay and her music here. And this is her youtube channel.

Do have a listen.

A huge thanks to Jaymay for coming on here and, as always, a huge thanks to you for reading.


And, speaking of reading, this is me reading ‘Two Minutes.’

And the trailer to the brilliant Happythankyoumoreplease.

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  1.  by  catherine

    thanks for sharing the audio
    ‘Fear is the worst thing’ I shall bear it in mind.

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