I am Judging This Flash Competition

First off, here’s the brilliant Sue Guiney’s review of Beautiful Words. I love (and feel really rather relieved) that people like it. That they get it. That makes me happy.


She begins:

“Nik Perring is an incredibly creative and innovative writer whose work I’ve been following for years now. I first wrote about him here when I discussed his collection of short stories called Not So Perfect. At that time I wrote:

Not So Perfect is a masterclass in flash fiction. Each story is a small gem and I found myself sitting and staring into space in amazement after each one.

Well, now it has happened again as I read his latest collection, Beautiful Words.” Read the rest here.




And I am judging a flash fiction competition for my publisher. Simply send in 4 – 8 flashes of under 1000 words by May 22nd and you could win your stories as a book, for sale on amazon and Roastbook’s site, with 50 free copies for you. CLICK HERE for all the details. And get scribbling – I’m really looking forward to your entries. Go to it, folks!

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