The holidays seem a long time ago now, don’t they? It’s been full steam ahead this year with loads going on and loads of exciting things lined up (more on that, closer to the time).

I’ve been writing again, which is good. And stuff I’m pleased with, which is better. It’s been nice to have found space in my brain to have been able to.

And I’m editing and looking at stories from my course, which has been brilliant (it helps when the stuff you’re editing’s great).

But the highlight of the year so far was jumping on a train to Huddersfield University last Monday to run a workshop for First Story, for their Regional Creative Writing event. And I had a brilliant time there. Seven schools, a whole bunch of really brilliant writers leading, from what I saw in the readings at the end, some terrific workshops. I was lucky enough to work with Appleton Academy (you were AMAZING!) who were just brilliant (and who’d previously, and clearly, been in Nick Toczek’s good hands)- as were the lovely Miss Boyle and Gill, the librarian. (I have a love for librarians, quite naturally, doing what I do and I think a good, enthusiastic school librarian has the opportunity to set the mood of a school in a lot of ways). So, yes. A brilliant day and a privilege to have been asked to be involved (Andy, Emily – you’re brilliant too).

And now it’s back to more writing, more editing, and more workshop planning. There’ll be a week in Sheffield in March doing cool stuff, and I’ve a big day out in London at the BBC in a few weeks so much to look forward to.

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