How I Write

So, Freaks! is almost two weeks old. Those two weeks have just flown by and I’ve been wandering around (well, metaphorically – mostly I’ve been sat at my computer) in a daze. There’s a lot to think about and a lot to do when your book is published.

I was thrilled to hear, last week, that HarperCollins India had placed a big order for it, so watch out India, the Freaks! are coming! Hooray!

Today, I’m over at the brilliant Writer’s Little Helper blog, explaining exactly how I write. I hope you find something useful in it. (Thanks Jessica!)
And a huge thanks, once again, to everyone who’s bought Freaks!, and to everyone who’s help to spread the word. A book like Freaks! really thrives on word of mouth so you’re helping an awful lot. I can’t wait to see what more people think of it.

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