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So, for well over a year I’ve been running The Story Corrective – an editing consultancy which specialises in short fiction. And things have gone very well indeed, thank you very much. A good chunk of the stories I’ve edited have gone on to be published in some great places and everyone seems to have been happy with level of service I’ve provided.

But now it’s time for a change. It’s time for it to grow. And, for once, this growth actually means that you, the writer, get a better deal.

How’s this? you ask.

Simple really.

I’ve introduced the Express Edit. With the Express Edit you receive a full line edit and a brief editorial report, on stories of 2000 words or under, for £20, within 7 days of sending it in (and me receiving payment).

I’m still doing the standard edit (£40 for a line edit and in-depth report on any length of short story) but I think this new grade of service will suit those writing shorter pieces and pieces that might not require quite so much work to get them brilliant – and it’s half the price it used to be.

All the editing work is done by me (I don’t send any of it to anyone else) and the quality will be the same as you’ve been used to. It’s just cheaper. Win, win, in my book.

Go here, if you’d like to use The Story Corrective, of if you’d like to ask me any questions about it.

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