Great Support and Remaining Cheery

The publicity and posters and listings and stuff for the local festival are all out. Which is good for raising awareness and promoting the festival and the great people coming here to read and perform.

It’s also meant that over the past couple of weeks, since said promo’s been out there, I’ve been asked what I’m doing for the festival, more and more, – a question quickly followed by: Why Not?
When I was first asked it was easy to be polite and diplomatic. But as I’m getting the same question more frequently it’s becoming that little bit more difficult to maintain that level of un-grumpiness. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind people asking, I’m certainly not grumpy with them. I just wish I could tell them something more positive. Something other than I’d have loved to be involved and I did try.
On a more positive note, I’m back on the radio tomorrow (at a little after 10 am – you can listen online) via telephone, burbling more about the World Book Day event, which starts at 11.
I want to say a huge thanks to Canalside Radio, especially Nick and Liz, for their fantastic support – they do a terrific job and they’ve been splendid with me.
I also want to say a huge thanks to all those author friends of mine who’ve donated signed books to the raffle – seriously, you’re all stars.
And lastly, thanks to the members of my writing group who’ll be reading with me tomorrow and who’ll be giving up their own time to do it.
Of course, I’ll let you know how it went and how much money was raised for Book Aid. And there’ll be photos too because the lovely Hannah has agreed to do some snapping for us.
Wish us luck!

0 Comments on “Great Support and Remaining Cheery

  1.  by  Tania Hershman

    I am sorry people are being so annoying, they do have a tendency to be. Stay strong, you are doing wonderful work! Have a great day tomorrow.

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    Thanks Tania. πŸ˜‰ It’s not the people who are doing the asking that I mind at all, it’s what they’re reminding me of!Nik

  3.  by  Lane

    You’ve a right to be grumpy Nik – as you say, not at those asking the question but at the reason. Pah to them.All the best for tomorrow.

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Thanks Elizabeth – lovely to see you over here. Event was great; people were read to, they looked entertained, and money for charity was raised. Lovely, lovely.Nik

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