Goodbye and Hello.

So that’s (very nearly) it for 2012. I was going to do some kind of review of the year post but I ended up being busier than expected so that didn’t happen. I may yet still do one.

2012 was a weird one for me. It was mostly good, and it was remarkably busy, and the highlight would have to be Freaks! – a collection I’m still immensely proud of.

I think if there was a theme to the year it would probably be change, something I’ve had to learn to be better at. But change does happen and what I’ve learned, I think, is that it needs to be embraced, or, at least, put up with.

Mostly though, I wanted to say a really huge thank you to everyone who’s bought my books, to everyone who’s read them and reviewed them, to those who’ve helped in their publication, to everyone who’s sold them, to everyone who’s come to see me wherever I’ve been, to everyone who’s enrolled on my course and sent me things to edit. And to you, who read this blog; if you didn’t still read it I wouldn’t still write it.

So, to each and every one of you: I wish you a happy, successful, and healthy 2013. I hope that if there’s change in your lives that it’s the good sort. And I hope that more than a few of you have books out I can read. It’s only fair.


6 Comments on “Goodbye and Hello.

  1.  by  Dan Purdue

    Happy New Year, Nik! Best wishes for 2013.

    Yes, change can be a swine, but hankering for things to stay the same is a trap best avoided, because nothing stays the same, ever. Go with the flow, and enjoy the ride as best you can.

  2.  by  Sam Sattler

    Is that blog title a deliberate take-off on the old Beatle’s song, Nik? Congrats on a great year; I’m looking forward to what’s next for you.

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