Last night was great because we (my writing group) finally got to present our local branch of the British Legion with a cheque for the money we raised for them. I have no idea how many copies of the small collection of poems and stories we sold, but I do know that we raised over £620.
The above picture is of me (looking particlarly cardboard-like for some reason) handing the cheque to Harry Gaskell, formerly of the Royal Navy. The lady to his right, Jenny, deserves most of the credit, because it was she who did all the legwork and selling of the book, and she was the one who convinced me to put it together in the first place.
Great stuff.

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  1.  by  aminah

    thank you for visiting my wee blog and glad you are enjoying what you are reading…I should join a writing group of sorts when I get the time to just write.

  2.  by  aminah

    hi nic, as soon as I find the time I will post alot more…email me with some feedback cause its always so helpful since i am a bit of a loner when it comes to the writing!

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