Getting in the Way

Real life can get in the way of writing at times. As can barking dogs and everyone deciding to cut their hedges at once, noisily. So it’s not been a productive week thus far for me.

But I am, as ever, curious (nosy??); writers, what stops you from writing?

11 Comments on “Getting in the Way

  1.  by  Julia Bohanna

    Don't have any dogs near me, thank God. That's why I think cats are better for writers. They are lazy and quiet, just like most writers. Having a row or feeling angry is an instant killer to my writing. I can work in most noise though, even with the TV on. My frame of mind is the most important thing. Similarly, being too happy is always a distraction. I need to have a modicum of angst, but not too much. I can become a little Goldilocks about my surroundings though…everything has to be right before I start!

  2.  by  Jenn

    Deadlines. Deadlines for the writing, and deadlines for work that is not writing, which means that urgent-notimportant work gets put before noturgent-but important writing.

  3.  by  Sara Crowley

    1) My kids needing me to sort out their squabbles/school/injuries/homework/food/and so on ad infinitum.2) My Things To Do List (currently Car Tax, other tax, weekly shop, invoice for reviews, critique for writer chum, birthday present shopping and posting, various dental appointments, household stuff.)3) My GARGANTUAN ability to procrastinate online – so facebook, blogs, twitter, lowculture.4) The fact that my words are never as good as I hope which is so disheartening it sends me scuttling off.5) Ill health which follows a monthly cycle meaning some days are absolute duds.I'm sure there are more…: (

  4.  by  Tania Hershman

    Interesting one to ponder and I think the major thing that stops me writing is ME! I have certain things I need to check online, a kind of routine, before I start to write, but can easily procrastinate, faff around, let it all go. Noise doesn't bother me, deadlines are great, lack of deadlines is OK too. So I can only conclude, as the great poet Wislawa Szymborska said, " I myself stand in my own way" (See Under One Small Star). I need to learn how to step aside.

  5.  by  Niki

    Everything, at the moment. I'm easily distracted. I blame the weather – it's playing havoc with my concentration.

  6.  by  Samantha Tonge

    Submitting latest novel and waiting for the rejections. It's limbo land – there's nothing like standard rejections to tell that little voice in your head whispering 'what's the point?' to shout a bit louder.

  7.  by  Emma

    Real life is definitely getting in my way at the moment, there are workmen digging up the road outside my flat as we speak…something to do with upgrading water & sewage and it's going on until January, so I'm going to have to get used to it. Something tells me I won't be needing an alarm clock for the next few months!

  8.  by  Anonymous

    Clouds. I'm addicted to cloud watching, and can't resist hopping outside every few minutes and takng a dozen or so photos whenever interesting cloud formations pass overhead.- NaomiM

  9.  by  Charles Lambert

    Working for money stops me writing. If some kind person or body were prepared to provide me with a substantial amount of money on a regular basis, I'd be frighteningly productive. It would also free up the editing I do for someone else, who could then learn to resent it as much as I do. Any offers?

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