Getting In The Way

You know I had intended to mark this little website re-launch thing with something a little more significant than, well, just saying ‘Here’s a new website’ (huge thanks to the very lovely Vicky for her hard work for it – if anyone’s ever after a designer type person then drop me a line). I was going to wait until I had news (which I have, stay tuned, I’ll be sharing that very soon when I can) and I was also going to kick it off with some sort of giveaway (I still might) but things seem to have been keeping on getting in the way to the point where, the other day, I just thought let’s get it up there.

So I did.

And doesn’t it look lovely?

It seems that most of my time, these days, is spent on trains. Or sprinting to get on trains (with heavy bags – it should be an Olympic sport). Or waiting for trains.

And teaching. There’s an awful lot of that happening at the moment too, which is something I’m really, really enjoying. Of course it’s helped when the people I’ve been working with have been lovely and brilliant. And there has, behind the scenes, in whispers and pockets, been actual writing happening. Earlier today (on the train, of course) I heard that one of my stories, Love, will be in this year’s National Flash Fiction Day anthology, and that makes me happy. Mostly because, over this past year, I’ve been a little slow and reluctant to send short stories out there for one reason or other. But there it is. A brand new, previously unpublished, story of mine is going to be out there very soon. More details as I have them. (And talking of things of mine you might not have seen yet – here are some videos of me reading things. One of them’s even on a swing.)

So there you have it. And now I eat, and think about closing tabs (there are MANY) and maybe turning my laptop off for the first time in a week. And finish off prep for tomorrow’s workshop. But first: food.

More soon.


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