Getting Cultured

Yes, me!

I went to see a choral/orchestral performance (sorry – don’t know the proper term) last night of Mozart’s Requiem (this kind of thing). And it was brilliant, which, to be honest was a surprise and a relief. I’ve never been too fussed about Mozart’s stuff before, but that I loved – and I loved that it was live. Definitely something I’d do again, despite looking considerably out of place (I should be used to that really). Really glad I made the effort – not least because I got to go for drinks with some of the choir afterwards whose company was a fine thing.
And while I’m on about classical music, I’m really enjoying Alisa Weilerstein’s record at the moment.
Bet you didn’t expect me to be blogging about that now, did you?

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  1.  by  Welshcake

    Oh, I’ve heard Mozart’s Requiem live too. It is amazing. I’m not exactly a classical music buff, but some things I love. I’ve only been to the opera once and was worried I’d be bored. I wasn’t.Have a good Easter. Eat chocolate.Must go and Sky+ Who now!

  2.  by  Paul Brazill

    i go to the opera pretty regularly now. at the age of 46. some good tunes. some not so good. like a Lurkers gig, really.

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