George Saunders

I’ve not yet read any of George Saunders’ work (but I will, oh yes, I will), but that hasn’t stopped me thinking this is brilliant.

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  1.  by  Sam Sattler

    I’ve only read the latest collection, Tenth of December, but I will be reading more, for sure. He’s the “big splash” of 2013, at least to this point, and he seems to be enjoying the new fame…and fortune. Interesting man.

    •  by  nikperring

      Yes, he seems to be everywhere and, from what I’ve read of other people’s thoughts on him, it sounds like it’s with good reason. Very much looking forward to giving him a go – I saw your review a little while ago which is always a great barometer!

  2.  by  Dan Powell

    Damn – that Chekhov story, ‘Grief’, he mentions is my absolute favourite short story. If there is one story that every human being should read it is that one. Love the stuff he says about the meaning in his stories developing and growing as he redrafts. I totally get that. GS is awesome. You need to totally get reading him. Now. Try this. I think it’ll be exactly your sort of thing Nik.

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