Free Books and an ISBN

I love this idea (explained by Fiction Writers Review here) of giving away a collection of stories for Short Story Month (May) and it’s something I’m going to try to do (I just need to decide which collection to give away).

Two people are offering you the chance to get your mits on a free copy of Not So Perfect – Dan Powell’s one (and there’s a chance of winning a copy of E.J. Newman‘s ‘From Dark Places’ too), and Downith is another. Needless to say, I’m flattered and I thank them both very much. So, if you’d like a free book, off you go…


I was made aware of this the other day too – Freaks! now has its own Amazon page, with an ISBN and everything. That makes me happy.

As you were.

(I’ll be back soon, when I have more time to say more. But at the moment I’m eye-deep in emails and edits and time seems to be at a premium!)

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