On Tuesday I put the almost finished Freaks! cover up here, saying that it was a couple of tweaks away from being the finished article.

Well, my friends, those tweaks have been tweaked and I am thoroughly thrilled to present the official, finished cover, in all its wondrous and splendid glory. I love it. As well as being rather striking, I think it sums up what’s inside the book brilliantly. Each of the characters in the 50 stories Caroline Smailes (who talks about it here) and I have written have super powers (or want them), and most of them aren’t the usual kind. Most of the characters aren’t the usual kind – they’re all different, unusual, not quite fitting in – I hope that that makes them, in some way, familiar. And each of those 50 stories and their characters have been illustrated, brilliantly, by Darren Craske (who talks about it here) – it’s a genuine thrill to see some of them here, coloured in.

It’s such a relief and a joy to have a cover, and illustrations, that I’m as proud of as I am the stories and the book as a whole.

So, here it is – the cover. I hope you like it. I do. A lot.

Now, all we need to do is wait for April for it to be published!

7 Comments on “Freaks!

  1.  by  Sam Sattler

    That is really going to be an eye-catcher, Nik. Is this going to be a comic book sized softcover or what? I'm looking forward to it.

  2.  by  Kath

    They look like my kind of superheroes! Love the cover – can't wait to peek inside it next year.

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