Freaks! The First Review

Some things never change. You (in this case, we!) write a book, and it’s hard and it’s tiring and you hope that, when you’ve finished, it’ll be good enough to be published. After many months and lots and lots of hard work and worry you finish it and you find that, actually, you think it is good and that you’re actually really, really proud of it. And it gets accepted for publication. By someone brilliant.

And then the worry comes back. You like it, your publisher likes it, but you wonder: will anyone else? Will they get it? You hope so. Very much.

And then it’s all pre-publication nerves, waiting for people’s response. Will anyone read it, you wonder, let alone spend the time talking about it somewhere.

And then they do. They read it. They spend the time talking about it. And they LIKE it. Honestly, having people get and enjoy what you’ve written is one of THE best feelings out there.

This happened yesterday. The first review of Freaks! went up over at Comics Review. They said things like ‘Freaks! is a stunning collection’ and ‘These 47 individual slices of kitchen sink fantasy are written with scathing wit, measured surreality, biting venom and shattering poignancy, all graced and augmented with lavish and plentiful monochrome illustrations by author/artist Darren Craske.’.

It makes me very, very happy. You can, if you like, read the whole review here.

Thanks, Comics Review!

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