For The Kids!

So, last Tuesday I did something I’d not done in too long. I ran a workshop for children. That’s the kind of thing I used to do an awful lot of when I wrote for children, but when I changed to short stories (ver much) for adults I stopped. I think I probably thought I wasn’t qualified anymore. But, when I discussed the idea with a nearby library I jumped at the chance. I realised I missed it.


And on Tuesday, it happened. It was the first I’d done since 2008, if memory serves, and I loved it. It was great fun, the children who came were great, their stories were great, and everyone ended up leaving after achieving something and with a smile on their faces.


And as a result we’re now looking at turning it into a regular thing. An after school club, probably bi-monthly, for over 7’s (though all ages above are welcome) with a view to producing an actual printed book at the end of the term. If you’re in the Macclesfield area and fancy it, or would like more details when they’re available, then drop me a line by using the form on this page. Places are limited because I want to be able to give a decent amount of attention to everyone there. Give me a shout if you think you might be interested!

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