Five Things About My Next Book

I’ve been busy over the past couple of weeks with edits on my next book, Beautiful Trees, so, now they’re done, it seems the right time to do the 5 Things About Your Next Book thingy that Helen Krionas, Dolly Garland, and Dan Purdue have all tagged me in.

But before I do, there have been other things I’ve been busy with too. Editing has taken up a lot of my time, as has running my flash/short fiction online course (there’s still a space or two if anyone’s interested). I’ve been preparing for tomorrow’s children’s workshop, and I’ve had a birthday (which, thankfully, passed without incident). So, yes busy, but fun.

So, Beautiful Trees…


1 It’s the second in the Beautiful trilogy and picks up where the last book left off, continuing Lily, Alexander, and Lucy’s journey only this time, instead of telling it through significant words, it’s told through trees.


2 Like Beautiful Words, there are facts in there too. I’ll not reveal too much but one thing I did learn that surprised me, was that some trees can communicate with each other.


3 It’s definitely not a write what you know book, which has been a really cool change from what I usually. Researching before I wrote the stories was fun.


4 There are a couple of birds in my trees. Well, there would be, wouldn’t there?


5 It’s illustrated, like the last one, by Miranda Sofroniou. And the illustrations are, in my humble and biased opinion, stunning. They look a little like this:


And there you have it. I’ll not tag anyone myself, but if you feel you’d like to share then let me know.

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