First Story: Changing Lives

I was in London last week with First Story (who do really really amazing things by putting writers in schools). I’ve worked with them for a little while now as a writer in residence in Leeds and, hand on heart, they’re brilliant. I’ve said this time and again: it is wonderful to see an organisation who care so much about young writers and who put what they need before all else. And they’re a wonderful bunch of people. All the info’s here – do have a look.

And London was good. I always like London. And it was a great opportunity to meet friends I’d known for ages and not yet met and, after, I rushed off to hang out with Robert Shearman who’s probably the nicest man in writing and someone whose work I have loved for many, many years.

Much writing and polishing has also been happening in amongst the filling in of calendars and prepping for a whole load of exciting stuff that’s on its way – more of that soon…

But, back to First Story. They’ve gone and done a video. This is what they do:

4 Comments on “First Story: Changing Lives

  1.  by  dollygarland

    Despite being left out of the list of all the lovely people you saw in London, I enjoyed this post 🙂 I’ve heard about First Story before (I think they may have been promoted through National Association of Writers in Education of which I’m a member). Great video, and well done for supporting this work!

    •  by  nikperring

      I know, I know. Next time you shall be on the list and we shall cake!
      They are a really brilliant organisation – and they are doing really brilliant things.

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