Finishing Things

I finished a couple of things last week. The first was the final proofs for A Book of Beautiful Trees, due out later this year. I’ve said it a few times already on here but I am genuinely so proud of it and with 100% bias I can happily say that it is stunning. I am excited about it (and terrified that I’m the only one who’ll like it) and, really, I’m just looking forward to it being out there so people can make their own minds up.

After I proofed I was proud.

Nik Perring

And then exhausted.


Nik Perring

And I birthdayed too because the other thing I finished was my 33rd year.

I got a card.


There was cake.


And, later, sushi.

IMG_2926-2And lovely presents too.


And I had a lot of birthday messages. And I mean a LOT. Thanks, so much, to everyone who was nice to me and to everyone who spent it with me. I’m just glad it’s out the way for another year because, believe it or not, I can get a little grumpy when it comes to getting older (as those close may tell you – I must be very lucky that they put up with me).

And now I’m firmly back in work mode. There are books children have written to be produced and books that adults have written that need editing and I am all over it.


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  1.  by  Susan Tepper

    Fab birthday pictures, thanks for sharing with us! And Big Congrats on finishing the new book!!! I love trees. Can’t wait to read it.

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