So, you’re out with your beloved and her friend last night and you’re having a very pleasant evening. And you end up speaking to your friend on the phone – you’ve not spoken to him in a while so that’s good. And he tells you you’ve forgotten another friend’s birthday.


Sorry, Luke.


And I’d like to wish the wonderful Anne Brooke all the very best. She’s just left an online forum I’ve been a member of for years. She will (as the threads suggest) be sorely missed. She’s a star and has helped me loads. She’s also a good friend and a great writer.

Thanks, Anne.

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  1.  by  Anne Brooke

    You’re such a gentleman, Nik – thank you! I am still here in the ether, however, and you haven’t shaken me off yet, mwa-ha-ha …:))Axxx

  2.  by  Lexi

    I can’t comment on the post above, for some reason…Which Doctor Who enemies wore silver-sprayed Marigolds, and you could see the little flowers?

  3.  by  Nik's Blog

    Sorry about that, Lexi – it had defaulted to not allowing comments for some reason.Yes, I remember those characters – wouldn’t have a clue what they were called though!Nik

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