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So, where were we? Oh yes, last time I had time to blog I’d just got back from a few days away which now, as lovely and relaxing and needed as it was, feels like a long time ago. I have been busy with loads of writing (yes, actual writing) and teaching and things.

Tomorrow I’m off to the library at Crystal Peaks Shopping Centre to present young writers with their copies of the books their stories are in from them they spent three afternoons with me a little while ago and I genuinely can’t wait for them to see them – they’re wonderful and the artwork they created is probably the best I’ve seen. I’m sure there’ll be photos to follow. There’s supposed to be quite an audience there too which is exciting.

Speaking of photos though…


Before Crystal Peaks I spent six Friday afternoons at Darnall Library, working with eight really amazing young writers. We had fun. We came up with some really brilliant ideas and we worked really, really hard on turning them into exciting stories – and we succeeded too (I say ‘we’ I mean ‘the brilliant writers’ of course). Everyone produced something brilliant – even when they didn’t think they could at first. And it was a real pleasure to see so many people in the audience for their presentation event mostly because the stories were so good and because they were read brilliantly. Maybe, too, because there were ice lollies as well…

The whole six weeks were a genuine pleasure and I’d like to say a massive thank you to the librarians and to The Library Service (who are always amazing) and to the writers and their families who were amazing too. The support was wonderful.

And here are some of the highlights…





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