Crazy Glue

Those regular vistors among you will know how much of a fan of Etgar Keret’s work I am; a lot of things have changed this year but that certainly hasn’t. Last year I signed off with a video of his (I’m still dying to see the film) and I see no reason why this year should be any different (assuming there’s nothing I have to say before the new year that is).

So, enjoy. And, in case I’m not back before this year’s out: Happy New Year.

(And it was lovely to read that someone else is a fan now too – reading that made me very, very happy.)

10 Comments on “Crazy Glue

  1.  by  Nik Perring

    Thanks so much, Jacqueline – same to you!Katie – hullo! No I've not seen Wristcutters – haven't been able to get hold of it. I will now look again!

  2.  by  katiemccullough

    It's fairly cheap nowadays, got my copy for a fiver in a petrol station. Never realised this short film was written by the same guy though, my circles keep getting smaller. Saw it in a festival way back when, thanks for posting it so I could watch again.

  3.  by  SueG

    Wishing you all the best in the new year, Nik. It's been great meeting you in the blogosphere in 2009. May there be many more meetings of all sorts in 2010!

  4.  by  Nik Perring

    Katie, your comment's only just come through for some bizarre reason. Managed to get me a copy – loved it. I thank you.And, in case you're interested, it's based on Kneller's Happy Campers which is a v long short or a short novella…

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