Congratulations and Winners and The Universe and Stuff

Big congratulations to Clare Wallais, who won the signed copy of Andy Duggan’s Scars Beneath the Skin.

And to Valerie O’Riordan, for winning this year’s Bristol Short Story Prize.

All pretty wonderful stuff, I’d say. It’s good to see good people getting what they deserve.


As for me, I’ve had a weekend of not doing all that much. I watched some documentaries on the universe. My brain was quite muddled by it all at first and then started to kind of understand things and ended up being excited at the things it almost understood.

And I watched a couple of documentaries on the SAS. Which was an odd thing for me, not being a fan of war and suchlike. But it, again, was fascinating and the people on it likeable. Just shows that the old cliché of books and covers can be very true. And also that behind everything I might approve or disapprove of, there are people.


Err, what else? I’m rather happy with the way The Story Corrective has started – I’ve really enjoyed helping other people with their stories – and shall be going back to doing just that just as soon as I’ve put this post up.

I have also set myself some writing goals. More of that later, though.

Oh yeah. And I’m impossibly excited about an interview that’ll be up on the blog soon. Seriously. You have no idea.

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