Comic Relief

The superbly talented Darren Craske, who’s illustrating my next collection,  FREAKS! (co-written by the superbly talented and lovely Caroline Smailes, details here) has taken a little time out from his scribbling, sketching, inking and bringing our stories to life in such a brilliant way (seriously, just wait ’till you see the illustrations – they are bloody marvellous) to have a little fun. And what form has this form taken, you ask?

He’s drawn us.

Yes. He’s drawn the FREAKS! team.

Me, Caroline, and the man himself are now cartoon characters. There’s sparkling princessy prettiness, there’s someone with more than a passing resemblance to the great Buzz Lightyea (no bad thing, Darren, no bad thing), and there’s me.

Scarily accurate, don’t you think?

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