Clawing And Frazzled

I know I’ve said it before I really am so so so so close to being up to date. Huge apologies to everyone who’s waiting for things from me – I promise you’ll have them soon.
Just to explain a little, this is what’s happened:
I had about a month’s worth of stuff that I didn’t do while I was working on the photo book.
I finished the photo book and started catching up.
Then more, fresh (and cool) stuff kept popping up, all stuff that had to be done QUICKLY.
And then deadlines for other things started looming, getting closer, like, erm, giant things.
So people, libraries, schools, I am on the case. If you’re waiting for something from me you should have it next week.
And this is what things look like on this side of the screen. One of the nice things that have happened is I’ve been able to write again. So, yeah, that’s good.
Enough burbling. Back to work, Nik.

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