Christmas at Melior

I’m still in that weird/tired/recovering post-op fug (thank you to all who said nice, encouraging things – don’t worry, I have, for once in my life, taken advice and have been taking things exceptionally slowly). I’m able to walk around a little now – I even went outside earlier, but it’ll be a little while until things are properly back to normal and until I feel myself again, I think. And it’s been odd being inside for so long. It’s been strange not going anywhere or doing anything and being in bed early. But I’m starting to feel the benefits and, at the moment, I’m all for the positives.

But enough of me. I’ve been writer in residence at Melior Community Academy at Scunthorpe (for First Story) since May and I’ve loved every second of it. The writers there are all terrific human beings and super talented and they’ve worked hard with me over this past few months and produced some genuinely remarkable work – funny, sad, fantastic – downright heartbreaking. So when Miss L, the amazingly brilliant teacher I work with there, suggested a Christmas showcase, with invited guests and parents and VIPS and cake, we were all super excited.

And it happened. Work was shared, readings were read and, honestly, it was one of the best things I’ve done all year. I couldn’t have been prouder or more pleased to see others genuinely loving what they heard or read – and I couldn’t be happier to see the writers getting the credit their hard work and brilliant words deserved. Thanks so EVERYONE who came and who helped out and were involved in any way. It was magic.

And here we are…

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  1.  by  Susan Tepper

    This is truly beautiful. It’s what life should always be like for everyone. And so glad that you are able to be up and about, and go outside a bit! You’ve been blessed. It’s your miracle.

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