Chocolate = BAD

Had the first migraine in months on Monday, and my head’s still not quite as clear as I’d like it to be so writing, and blogging, has been limited.

At least I know the cause. I had a pint of ale on Sunday (trying something different and all that). Chocolate malt is used in making said ale, I discovered yesterday. I shall stick to what I know is safe in future. Bah.

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  1.  by  Lane

    Flipping hate migraines. At least you know the trigger. Why is it all the good stuff that triggers them and not something like cabbage?Hope you feel A1 soon.

  2.  by  Nik's Blog

    I actually quite like cabbage! ;)Seriously though, I do know what you mean – for me it’s no chocolate or cheese or red wine or port, or, or. And there’s bugger all I can do about it, other than being miserable in what I abstain from. Boo hiss, migraines.Thanks Lane, I am feeling better now.NikNik

  3.  by  Kay Sexton

    Ouch! I sympathise entirely. It’s horrible but staying off the trigger foods is the only answer I find. Hope you’re feeling much better now.

  4.  by  Nik's Blog

    Thanks folks.Mix them, Anne? Yikes, my head would explode, I’m sure! – having one’s bad enough. Sympathies to Lord H.And to you too Kay, and thanks. I know you suffer from them too. They’re wretched things. I think I’m six or seven years off trigger foods (which is bad enough) and then you still get ’em every now and again. Bah, bah and pah.Nik XX

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