Born Weird

I was a little later in getting to Andrew Kaufman’s wonderful Born Weird than was planned (things happened, as they do, and life gets in the way of things, as it does – which means that I didn’t read anything in a couple of months). I rectified that last week, gobbled up, wide-eyed and grinning – Mr Kaufman’s latest. In short I loved it.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge Andrew Kaufman fan (and that’s not only because he said such nice things about Freaks!). I loved The Tiny Wife and All My Friends Are Superheroes. They’re playful, they’re mad, they’re bizarre and they’re brilliant. Touching too. This may just be his best yet.

It’s a story about a family. It’s a story about blursings (blessings + curses) and it’s a story about having unusual abilities and how you cope with them. How would you feel going through life instantly forgiving anyone and anything? How would you cope with constantly keeping yourself safe? Would it really be such a great thing if you were constantly living in hope?

This is the kind of story you really shouldn’t help but love. Do have a look. You’ll thank me for it. I promise. It’s wonderful.

Born Weird is out in a beautiful hardback (and it really is beautiful). It’s published by the magnificent Friday Project and it’s out now. Go see.

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  1.  by  Lesley Jackson

    I’ve had The Tiny Wife and All my Friends Are Superheroes on my wish list for ages but having read your post I feel I should take the plunge and read at least one of them. Which of his books do you suggest I start with, Nik?

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