Black Friday Offer

This Black Friday thing seems to be trendy these days so I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon, if only a little (I’ll be staying way out of the way of any shops, don’t you worry about that).

So here’s a special offer. It will last today ONLY. (And, all you have to do is click things on the internet – there’ll be no fighting in the aisles here, I can assure you.)

It’s for my online short fiction course (which I’d taken a break from running because I’ve been so busy over the past few months).


It’s six parts long.

It is for writers of flash and short stories.

You can do it in your own time (there’s no time limit on completing it).

It is for ALL abilities.

People like it. They’ve been published because of it and won stuff too.

So, if you sign up today, it will only cost you £111.

Click here for all the details and to sign up.


And there’s still time left to get your hands on the Beautiful Bundle RoastBooks are offering: Everything they’ve published of mine for £20. Click to order. And we can arrange for those copies to be signed too. As you were…



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