Big World

Wowsers but it’s hot and humid up here in the the north. And it aint something I’m used to. There’s a storm coming soon, I’ve been told, and I’m looking forward to it.

Well, what a week. I’ve barely stopped (and yes, I am much closer to being up to date now, thank goodness). Writing’s been done as has editing and reading. 
And what reading. I’ve been dipping into, and really enjoying, Niki Aguire’s 29 Ways to Drown, which is well worth a look. But mostly I’ve been reading Big World by Mary Miller and, well, it’s gone straight onto my Incredibles list (for those reasonably new to the blog that just means books I think are incredibly good). I’m not going to review it because a) I’ve not finished it (and don’t want to!) and b) I’m not very good at them but I will point you to what Tania Hershman said about it on The Short Review, which was what encouraged me to buy it in the first place.
It’s a wonderful collection of affecting, realist short stories that are brilliantly written and work perfectly.
Thank you Mary Miller and thank you The Short Review.

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  1.  by  Crystal Jigsaw

    Hi Nik, we've have hot and humid here in the north east too and definitely very muggy. I come from the Wigan area so always interested to hear about the NW!Best wishes, CJ xx

  2.  by  Nik Perring

    Hey Crystal Jigsaw, thanks for stopping by. Lovely to see you here! Wigan's not too far from here at all. Hope things become less sticky here and where you are and soon!Nik X

  3.  by  Megan

    'Big World' sounds wonderful – thanks Nik.Hope you had a good storm. I ended up in London this weekend and we had a fabulous one with giant hailstones despite the heat

  4.  by  Nik Perring

    The storm never came! Which was not a good thing in my book! Lovely to see you over here, Megan, and do hope you pop back again. For now though, it's hailstone envy I'm afraid.Seriously though, Big World is very, very good. I'd recommend it in a second.Nik

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