Beautiful Trees – Out Now

It makes me astonishingly happy that Beautiful Trees is now published (and available from all good bookshops).


And I’m astonishingly proud of it, and astonishingly proud that my publishers, the wonderful RoastBooks, have let me put a book like this out there. I think a lot might think (and quite rightly, perhaps) that a picture book for adults, detailing the lives of its characters through a bunch of tiny, individual stories all grounded around (planted around) significant trees – with added interesting facts – might not work. But – and I know I’d say this anyway – I really think it does. I’m pleased as punch about the story, Miranda’s illustrations are incredible again, and, to be honest, I’m really giddy about it all.

To all who’ve already pre-ordered it (and I know there have been loads, which is hugely heartening) – THANK YOU. I really hope you enjoy it. And to those who will buy it, or give it away as a present, thank you too – your ongoing support means the world, it really does, and I would not be able to keep putting these strange, odd, quirky little buggers out there without you. Here’s how this one begins…


There’s been a really lovely buzz going on with Beautiful Trees for a while now and I’d love for that to keep going, so if any of you could help by spreading the word, tweeting, Facebooking, reviewing, Goodreadsing, etc, etc then I will love you forever. This kind of thing really does make a difference.

I’ll stop waffling now. Thank you all. (And stay tuned – there’s a pretty exciting competition we’re just putting the finishing touches to, just around the corner…)

And look – this is what Kate Long said about it:

“Beautifully-produced, poignant and poetic.”

– Kate Long, author of The Bad Mother’s Handbook, and Something Only We Know

And Dan Powell said nice things about it here.

Buy it here. Or from all bookshops.

And here’s a peek inside – the view from my behind my desk.



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