Beautiful Trees’ First Outing

A couple of weeks ago I was at the Off The Shelf Festival Words festival in Sheffield, where I sat on a panel along with Marina Lewycka (of Ukrainian Tractors fame) and Virginia Macgregor, who were both lovely. I got to hear Marina read from We Are All Made of Glue, and Virgina read from What Milo Saw (which I’m reading and very much enjoying). I read from Not So Perfect (as you’ll see below) and there was much interesting discussion (mostly, as a result of what I read below, on character age in fiction – and how old is old).

I had a great time and the audience were terrific – and a huge thanks to all who’ve been in touch afterwards – especially the ones I made cry (all four of you!). And thanks too, to all who chatted afterwards and who bought books – I hope you like them.

I also read, for the first time in public, from Beautiful Trees and – and this is probably the best bit about being an author – people really liked it. I know I’ve mentioned on here before, many times, how scary it is publishing a new book. Seeing that people like it – that they’re getting it – that they’re buying it as presents already makes me feel really, really proud. There seems to be a real buzz around this one (he says, knowing full well he’s probably jinxed it!) and that’s not something that happens very often at all. And it is released, officially, on Thursday. I’m still terrified, but I’m very excited too.


You can pre-order here.



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