I’ve just noticed that both Freaks! and Not So Perfect are available, in all their paperback glory, for under a fiver from Waterstones. Which is rather cool. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you that they’d make the PERFECT gift this Christmas, but I will anyway. (I’ve got a small number of copies left here which I can sign and send out, if you’d like something a little more personal.)


Speaking of my books, might I ask you lovely people a favour perhaps? If you’ve read and enjoyed any of them, would you mind rating them or maybe even popping up a brief review (on all the usual places: amazon, Waterstones, Goodreads, your blogs et al)? They do help, and I would be forever in your debt.

Hope you’re all well on the way to being ready for the hols.

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  1.  by  Dan Purdue

    That is a bargain! I must admit, I thought I’d reviewed Not So Perfect, but I’ve looked through my blog and although can find a few mentions it seems I haven’t actually reviewed it. I’ll rectify that as soon as I can. Freaks! got a bit buried in my to-read pile, but I’m hoping to get to it soon.

    I’m looking forward to Christmas. It’ll be hectic, but in a good way.

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