Bank Holiday Offer + What I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been pretty busy of late, as I’ve probably mentioned. Workshops, editing, travelling, personal stuff have all been taking up a lot of my time and brain power. Most of it’s been really great (a few crappy personal bits aside which I might or might not talk about in here at some point)- it’s lucky I love my job so much and I’ve been incredibly fortunate that the people I’ve been working with, teaching, are brilliant and lovely and talented.

What I’ve not been doing is much on my online course. That’s kind of had to have taken a back seat while other stuff happened. Which has been a shame because, without sounding like I’m blowing my own trumpet too much, it’s good – people enjoy it, they get better at writing through it, and loads have been published and won stuff because of it. It’s something I’m very proud of.

So I’m relaunching it with a Bank Holiday offer. If you sign up before the end of next week (28th of May) then you can get the whole, six-part, lot for only £89 (that’s instead of the usual £111).

Here’s the blurb:

Have you ever wanted to write Flash Fiction or Short Stories? Or do you write it already and would like to improve?

In this 6 part online course, celebrated short story and flash fiction author and editor, Nik Perring, will take you through all the essential elements.

The course will cover everything you need to know to enable you to write great flash fiction. And all abilities are welcome.

From Generating Good Ideas, to Converting Them into Great Stories. You’ll learn How To Recycle From Your Own Experiences. You’ll learn how to Write Convincing Dialogue, and Description, how to Edit like a Professional, how to be an Efficient Story Teller, and much more.

While the course can be completed in the student’s own time (it normally takes around six weeks), they will be able to work, one-to-one, with a master in the field from the first assignment to the last.

Click here to sign up or ask any questions.


In the little spare time I have managed to find I have been reading again. And good stuff too. I’ve been reminding myself how much I love Roald Dahl’s short stories, I finished and loved Michael Kimball’s Galaga which is one of the most oddly interesting and honest books I’ve read in a long time – it has a lovely honesty about it which is both warm and happily nostalgic and a bit tragic too. And very funny in parts – well worth a try. And, last, I’ve been having a sneaky look through The Pigeonhole’s stuff – they’ve done some excellent things with Angela Readman’s Don’t Try This at Home, and they have a really cool Fable issue which is all things fairy tale (and we all know how much of a sucker for a fairy story I am). Go have a look.

Oh, and I also went for a walk and found a tree which was also a chair.


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