Back To It, Then

So, I’ve holidayed and new yearsed and slept (a full twelve hours last night, followed by a too-much-sleep migraine on a train – told you I was tired), and now I’m back at my desk.

But the holidays were good.

I saw family, and I saw my, very ace, nephew and nieces and we did jigsaws and we did Mr Men and Little Miss books.

I saw Star Wars, which was pretty much everything it should have been.

I walked along canals and I watched old films and read a little.

On Tuesday I started teaching again, and that was fun and productive and we made plans.

I wrote – which is something that, last year, I definitely didn’t do enough of, with one thing and another. Last year, often, was a year of necessary distractions. But I’ve written and I’ve sent people things and that’s all good. And you know what? It feels good. Now I’ve a week of writing and editing and helping people on my course, and planning workshops (first one of the year’s with the brilliant First Story next week, and I’m very excited about that). Pretty much business as usual, then.

So yes. Much to look forward to, I reckon. And not a bad start. And I hope you’re all doing as well as you can, of course. I’ve missed you.

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