Any Antibiotics Surviving Tips?

Goodness, but these antibiotics are making me feel rotten. I’ve been shovelling in prebiotic yoghurt by the bucketload – any other suggestions of what I might do?

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  1.  by  Lane

    Apart from the yoghurt, I don’t know I’m afraid. There’s tea. That always helps:-)Get well soon Nik.

  2.  by  Kay Sexton

    Fruit and vegetables, eaten raw, produce just as much good gut flora as probiotic yoghurt so treat yourself to some out of season strawberries …Hope you feel better really soon. Antibiotics are the pits.

  3.  by  Diane Becker

    Live yogurt is the best thing. Tea tree oil is the best anti-bacterial agent to annoint poorly things with. I use them on cat scratches – anything like that – just in case – don’t want to end up with wot u got again. Hope u feel better soon x

  4.  by  Susie Nott-Bower

    Nik, I think the time to take probiotics (in yoghurts or in probiotic-from-the-health-food-shop form) is AFTER you finish the course of antibiotics. While you’re taking the antibiotics, they will just destroy the probiotics. As soon as you’ve finished the course, get yourself some good probiotics (expensive, but best from the health food shop and keep in fridge) and start taking them. Meanwhile, just eat a really good, varied diet with plenty of fresh fruit and veg.Get better soon!Susiex

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